Andreas Koch

in: Hennigsdorf / Brandenburg

School: Abitur
Now: Working in the Berlin administration as IT-Specialist.
Btw, that pic is already some years old.

On the net you'll find me as "Aldiwahn Teerodi" (english sites) or "Lucius" (german sites).

I was always interested in information technology and everything that has to to with computers. I'm also very interestd in movies (especially science fiction).
"So why not combine that?" i thought.

During 11th grade i met Sebastian. He's a big Starwars fan and he even wrote his own book which is based on it: Stu▀war's. Through that we had our first discussions. He very early knew that he wanted to make a film of his book. So i said that i would like to write the script for that movie. That made a lot of fun, even though it was quite difficult, for example there was sometimes just one sentence in the book describing a short sequence of which i could make a nice long scene in the film. But i finished it and i want to write the script for the second movie (if i find the time for it).

It was also clear from the beginning how to make the special effects like space scenes: using computer animation. That was the time i first made contact with 3D modelling. I started with a freeware program called Pov-Ray and a modeller for it called Moray. I had to teach them all myself, because there were no manuals and also the helpfiles were of no great use, because they either almost didn't exist or they were way to complicated. Although these programs are free- or shareware they can produce astounding results.
I had the possibility to try my hands at 3D-Studio Max and Lightwave. I have to say that i like Lightwave's interface more than the one of 3DS Max.

Someday i was able to tell Sebastian my experiences in using Moray and Pov-Ray. So i wasn't alone anymore in modelling the Stu▀war's universe.
Now that already much is created for Stu▀war's (though it's not enough yet), we had the chance to work for others. That is our Startrek project. It was something completely different to be under the presure of a deadline. We had to finish everything until a certain date and couldn't be as "lazy" as with Stu▀war's. And we deliverd good work.
What will be next is still uncertain.

At last, I just want to send greetings to my beloved Patty :)

Your Andreas
Berlin, 11.08.2003