General Infos

works in the fields of computer animation, video and some web-design. We Andreas Koch and Sebastian Wornien, are two young people, who have fun at filming and computer animation/3d modelling. Until now we "just worked for our selves", for a project, that is also produced by us: Stu▀war's.
Furthermore we have made some animations for a Startrek fan film made by friends. All that was on freewillingly and fun basis. So our futer projects will will also be in that range. We won't take huge productions, because this would be far beyond our possibilities and our time-resources. That's why we will take projects in the samll private sector.

Who would like to make use of our work and possibilities just writes to:

The Team

* Andreas Koch
* Sebastian Wornien


graphical design, editorship & publishing  Andreas Koch
further content  Sebastian Wornien