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Programs - 4D

Web-Site UleadMediaStudio is made by this company.

Programs - 3D

Web-Site Pov-RayFreeware Raytracer (also Radiosity), textbased and with its oen scripting language, therefor can create animations.
Web-Site Moray for WindowsShareware Modeller for Pov-Ray. Extensive functions (though not all which povray supports) but with wide extension capabilities.
Web-Site NewtekThis company produces high standard 3D applications like Lightwave.

Programs - 2D

Web-Site JascPaintShopPro comes from here.
Web-Site AdobeAdobe produces high-quality 2D applications like PhotoShop or Illustrator. The well known Acrobat Reader also comes from this firm.
Web-Site MacromediaThe producers of Flash.

Tutorials - 3D

Web-Site 3DLinksA very extensive collection of links of 3D tutorials for the most different programs. English.
Web-Site PovStudyHere you can find some very good tutorials for Povray 3.1. English.

Tutorials - 2D

Web-Site PhongHere you can find very good tutorials for PhotoShop. English.
Web-Site NeoFrogHere also are good tutorials for PhotoShop. English.


Web-Site Scifi-Meshes3D. Forums, Chat, Gallery, Tutorials, Downloads. English.
Web-Site 3D Gladiators3D. Forums, Chat, Gallery, Tutorials, Downloads. English.
Web-Site M-CGI3D. Forums, Gallery, Downloads. Englisch.
Web-Site Ex-Astris-SientiaOne of the most extensive info sites on Startrek. Many reference images und -drawings. Extensive link collection. English.


Web-Site Space RegentsA turn based online strategy game. You only need a browser and a SVG-Plugin. We are creating some graphics for this game.